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General alerts
View pending events for your day today.

Add document
Repository of medical documents such as clinical exams.

Screen sharing
If you have any doubts, you can share what you are seeing at the moment with your doctor or relative.

User profile
Access your data personalization profile

Calendar and appointments
See all events associated with your health.

Perfil de utilizador

Main menu
Return to your APP’s home page whenever you need to.

SOS phone call
Call your predefined contacts in an emergency without having to look for them in the phone book

My life Close
Information page on good practices and news for your health and well-being Bhealth.

Online healthcare providers
Access our database of health specialists where you can consult online for all your health concerns or questions.

Data reading by devices
Choose the device for which you want to measure your biomedical indicators.

New Device
If you purchased a new device and want to associate it with your APP, choose this option.

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